Unakite Tumbled Stone 200 Grams

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Unakite is said to be an ultimate stone that lives out the ethos of carpediem. This is a crystal that is deemed to live up to its reputation and has the nickname “living in the present”. The charisma of Unakite entirely lies in its potential to inspire urgency within someone, by making him realise that time sweeps out swiftly through one’s finger, hence it is important to make the most of it at present. Unakite crystal is used by many to meditate and convey one’s daring or wildest dreams, as it is always ready to give solutions and take away all your problems.

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Benefits of Unakite:

– This is a stone that encourages one with visionary capabilities by opening up your psychic vision. Works through third eye chakra that aids you so that you visualise things that you literally desire to happen in your real life.

– In case you are wondering how do you get a peaceful sleep, go for this crystal as this helps you to sleep well and relieve all your stress.

– Balances out your emotions along with spirituality.

– It helps you get rid of addictive habits which you find difficult to get rid of. Gives enormous help to break through barriers that stop you back from achieving your goals and desires.

Who should use Unakite? 

Since the crystal is a strong spiritual stone, this indicates you may meditate with the stone and make good contact with the spirit, but remain rooted at the time you do this. If you want to use it for the purpose of rooting, go for darker pink color stone, the darker pink color the better it is. Moreover, there is always a possibility of getting the stone in various shades, so you should note this before buying it. In case, you face problems sleeping and want to get better sleep, sleeping with this stone under your pillow may help you.


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