Rhodonite Tumbled Stone 200 Grams in Basket – Reiki Healing Crystals

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Stone of ♥ Calmness ♥ Self-confidence ♥ Refinement ♥ Gratefulness ♥ Elegance ♥ Delicacy ♥ Courtesy ♥ Tact ♥ Alternatives ♥ Inner path

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Rhodonite Tumbled Stone 200 Grams in Basket – Reiki Healing Crystals

Purpose: This stone is used for Vastu, feng shui and space personal healing

Weight: 200gm with Basket

Size: Each size will differ in size, weight, and appearance.

Quality: 100% natural rhodonite with full of authenticity.

Fact: It is an empowering stone that helps a person to deal with emotional pain and trauma.

Colour:  You will get Rhodonite stone in varieties of colors such as orange-red, pink, brown-red and this stone often has black dendrite veins and manganese oxide spots on it. This object belongs to the pyroxenoid mineral group.

Rhodonite Tumbled Pebbles Stones is popular for their ability to give emotional healing and to pass the blocked energy from the heart chakra of a person. This stone contains strong energy of heart with a peaceful healing vibration. It helps a person to have peace in a problematic relationship and it encourages the person to increase acceptance, forgive a person, and love someone unconditionally, it helps a person to deal with all the negative issues of any kind of relationship starting from father-son, mother-daughter or husband-wife or boyfriend and girlfriend. These stones release energy that helps a person to discover the innate talents that he never experienced before. This is a stone that brings the best qualities of a person out of him. The most favorable benefits of this healing crystal are it encourages a person to discover his/her destiny.


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