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Are you dealing with complex life issues and see no solution to them?


Do you have a lot of negativity surrounding you?


Are you ready to experience a transformed life?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, I introduce you to Ms. Priyanka Tandon. Founder of Hope with Priyanka- Transforming Lives.

About Ms Priyanka

A spiritual healer, tarot master, astrologer, numerologist, Gemstone expert, Quantum master and an active supporter of women empowerment, Ms Priyanka holds many gems to her tiara.

Her Mantra in life is to transform the lives of people by using her Psychic powers and empower them with spiritual knowledge. This spiritual knowledge and growth helps us to develop an understanding of ourselves, our deepest thoughts and to know who we really are. It builds us on all levels and empowers us to take correct decisions in life. Combining spirituality with Karma can help us optimise life.

A Delhiite by birth, Priyanka was blessed with psychic powers since childhood. But it was 5 years ago that she started practicing them officially. She realised that she wanted to transform the lives of people around her with those powers and since then she never looked back.

Priyanka practices various spiritual modalities. An occult aficionado, she is also a master in Tarot and Western Remedies, Angels Therapy Healings.

She has expertise in negativity removal. Apart from these, in order to share her art, she also trains people on Tarot Reading

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Here is Priyanka's World of Transforming Lives

To define, Occult is the world of belief that falls outside the realm of Science. Tarot, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Astrology, Numerology all of these are spiritual sciences with beliefs and powers of their own. It is definitely true that our life map is created at the time of our birth itself. Our life is defined on this map largely. However, our karmic actions can enhance or reduce the possibilities ahead, a correct prediction or a good guidance by an expert can help us leverage our strengths to the maximum and take correct decisions on this map.

Talking about the therapies and sciences that Priyanka practices, Tarot is the most popular one during modern times. A kind of cartomancy, Tarot reading is a practice of using Tarot cards to know about a person’s life. It involves formulating questions and then interpreting cards by an expert to know the answers.

While Astrology bases its predictions on the movements of planets and celestial bodies, numerology works on birth numbers.

Then there are many western remedies. Angel Therapy being one of the popular ones. As per the believers of this therapy, we all have some guardian angels in our life who can guide us on many areas in our life, but only if we ask them. This is a spiritual healing method that involves connecting with your guardian angels through a practitioner. Sounds magic? Well! We sometimes need to suspend our disbelieves to know a path never treaded before by us. It is only then that we discover new realms

Awards & Accolades

Ms. Priyanka has received many awards and recognitions for her outstanding work in the field of her expertise.

  • Tarot and Relationship Counsellor Award by Member of Parliament Vijay Goel- 2019
  • Best Tarot Reader given by Lions club Delhi Veg Women Excellence Award by Member of Parliament Manoj Tiwari -2020
  • Golden Achievers Award 2020 Society and Community Services Award by Udan NGO Agra.
  • Women Prestige Award 2021 for Best Astrologer
  • Astrology Award by Rajasthani Academy for Astrology

Other Achievements

Ms. Priyanka has made a mark for herself in a short span of time. This is all due to her in-depth knowledge and correct guidance to her clients that she has become a favourite. Here are some of her other achievements.

  • She has been a judge on many Talent Shows.
  • Mentor and Motivational Official with beauty pageant Mrs. India Universe that is set to happen in Dubai this year.
  • She has been a regular speaker on many news channels like Zee News and Republic Channel.
  • Client testimonials are a true reflection of one’s achievement in their field. Ms. Priyanka Tandon boasts of many positive testimonials from clients for her accurate predictions and healing. You can check them on her official handles on Insta or YouTube.

Priyanka Tandon is in fact, a maestro in implementing the power of western mantras to turn people’s lives around positively. It takes energy, knowledge, and experience to study an individual’s mind, understand it, and then help them through with their complex life issues. And, Priyanka Tandon is doing an incomparable, excellent job at it.

It’s incredibly awe-inspiring to witness Priyanka using her energies to bring peace and prosperity into the lives of others.

If you are looking for a healer to get rid of all your problems and bring positivity in your life, Priyanka is the one!

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