Unakite 10mm Beads Bracelet


Reiki, Crystal healing stone, useful in Vastu, feng shui, space personal healing

Bead Size – 10mm

With Jute Bag



Unakite is a stone of vision. Unakite brings abundance. It is also known as a stone for professionals & businessmen.

Addictive habits that you have had difficulty dealing with, will be helped by its energy, as it will give you help to break through the barriers that have held you back from being able to achieve your desires.

If you are wondering how to sleep better, this is one of the healing crystals that will assist better sleep, and will also help to relieve stress.

Unakite is excellent at removing obstacles to your personal and professional growth. Whether it is an issue from your childhood or a recent one, unakite will help you in releasing pain and anger that you are having trouble letting go of.

About Crystals : Crystals are precious stones & uplifts the energy. Each crystal has a sacred meaning. Many crystals have an extremely high vibration & become a communication with the higher channel. Crystals give protection from any negative energies existing there. Crystal helps you to resolve current unhappiness.  Crystal also generates a strong energetic field which helps in releasing emotional fears.


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