Blue Apatite Tumbled Stone 200 Grams

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Name: Apatite tumbled pebble stones

Colour: Dark blue

Weight: 200grams

Purpose: focus your mind and clarity.

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It is an earthy stone that helps you to concentrate, and focus on your found in a few locations, the main places are Madagascar, Russia, Brazil, and can occur as prismatic crystal or in the massive form. Blue appetites color may be a color blue or green.some time stones shown here were selling as a teal apatite. So look for that if you can’t find them. Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals with similar chemical compositions and physical properties. This crystal helps you to correct your sadness.this cristal gives you also a power that can help you for a critical condition. The stone helps you to fulfill your incomplete protects from harmful desire, help students for their studies. improve a children’s mind.give you a cheerful mind.

Best use for Apatite used to make the best meditation. this crystal helps to be a passionate person.the stone increase a person’s focus, learning, clarity of connection, acceptance, unconditional love, simulated thoughts, ideas, communications, intellectual pursuits, peace and harmony, fights with virus.Appetite is believed to align your vibes with your goel.your career,your position in life, your aim of life, prevent your problems,help to take a new thought,help to be a good person,brighten your present and future for stay relaxed and calm.

  • It’s associated with the throat chakra, which assists you in very effective and communicates can change your life with the best is a good stone for students and their studies.Appetite is a healing stone.that can heal us physically, emotionally, and mentally.the stone reduces your negative thoughts, and help to stay and relax. If you use it regularly it clear your confusion,frustration, and irritated mind also.this is an excellent effect on the body.
  • It heals both the gland and is a stone that helps you if you have a weight problem. This is a stone that helps to understand yourself.This is a  stone of manifestation.It is related to the service of a human, it attuned to the future, yet connects to past lives.It stimulate the development of our psychic gifts and spiritual attunement,psychologically,appetite increases draws off negative thoughts.
  • It is helpful for higher activity and autism in children, appetite enhances creativity, and the clear confusion and awakening the inner self. apatite expands knowledge and eases sorrow, apathy, and anger. It takes care of your bones and teeth.healing bones and encouraging the formation of new heals the joint helps to suppress hunger.encourage to healthy eating. overcome hypertension, prevent a dull mind,calm your mind, help your personal and official life.

How to use: Hold it when doing you a meditation, see the result after that. you can hang it with your wing charms, wear it in your body.

Otherwise, put it under the may find that you have dreams that aid you to solve difficult problems, creativity.and it prevents you to make a deep sleep without any fear.prevent disturb the mind and any mental problem also.

Way to clean: Take only a moment under the water.


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