Natural Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone 200 Grams in Basket

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Product Name:  Best Quality Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone

Purpose: Help you survive through difficult times

Weight – 200 g Approximately

Quality: Top quality Tiger Eye Tumble you won’t find anywhere in India


Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone moves your outlook so that you can increase a more profound comprehension of yourself. The Tiger’s Eye Tumbled stone gets its properties of healing from a mix of the sun and Earth components. This is the thing that gives it both establishing and rousing vibrations.

When you choose a jewellery with Tiger’s Eye Tumbled Stone or associate it during meditation or other restorative sessions, let this stone’s idealistic and balancing out vitality assist you with seeing any circumstance in a positive light. This is the thing that makes the Tiger’s Eye particularly helpful for facilitating sentiments of fear or stress. While you bridle the positive energy of Tiger’s Eye properties, it will assist you with feeling focused and grounded, giving you the certainty and fortitude to pursue your dreams.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone

  • Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone is a solid stone to help you with the basics of the essential survival needs and helps your capacity to work in your difficult times.
  • It is known to help the healing of broken bones, and it enhances your strength when required.
  • This is a stone that encourages us to be increasingly dynamic, mentally as well as physically, and its significant work is in the lower chakras.
  • It will stimulate the base chakra, sacral chakra, and the solar based plexus chakra, where its vital work has an incredible impact.
  • Tiger Eye Stone Of Courage.
  • It boosts confidence and will power.

Places Where the Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone Can Be Used

Tiger eye is fire energy in Feng Shui. It’s Yang energy supports movement, brilliance, energy, light, and warmth. Place tiger eye rock in the southern area of a room or home. It will carry energy to ideas, feelings, and sex. Use tiger eye with some moderation, however, as it tends to be a ruinous power when utilized exorbitantly.

  • Wear Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone that places the brilliant dark colored rock close to a zone which needs it.
  • Hold a tiger eye gemstone on the area affected if using for a physical purpose.
  • Carry a Tiger Eye Tumbled Stone in a pocket to keep its healing vibrations close to the body.
  • Vastu correction
  • Reiki Grid and Aura Cleaning


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