Green Jade Face Massage Rollers

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Reduces puffiness & dark circles, diminishes wrinkles and facial stress, tightens skin and helps your skin glow. Improves your luck and hence is regarded as Luck Crystal

Pack of 1

Crystal : Green Jade


Jade is a symbol of ‘Grace and Beauty’, and carries a balancing energy that gives you peaceful and calm vibes. Its naturally cooling properties have a multitude of benefits, such as the removal of toxins, draining congested congested lymph nodes, relieving tension and boosting blood circulation to reduce acne and signs of aging and encourage radiant, glowing skin! It is ideal to get rid of wrinkles, dark circles and blemishes as it causes lymphatic drainage. It grows, tightens, and raises the immunity of your skin. Give your skin an instant wake up call and boost your skincare routine with the ancient practice of face rolling. Naturally enhance your complexion, rejuvenate and get that coveted glow!

Who is it for?

Best for dry, damaged and dull skin



  • Soothes irritation
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Tightens pores


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