Blue Lace Agate 10mm Beads Bracelet

Original price was: ₹2100.Current price is: ₹1600.

With attractive Jute Bag

Beads Size 10mm

Blue lace agate is an excellent healing stone brings peace of mind. Its soft energy is cooling and calming.

Chakra Associated:- Throat Chakra


Mystic Benefits:-

-Blue lace agate helps in new projects. Keep stone overnight near the documents before submitting

-Excellent stone for top executives and business people for successful negotiations & teamwork

-It helps in neutralizing anger and infections. Blue ace agate gently dissolves the old established pattern of thinking and

encourages a new way of expression.

-It counteracts mental stress and brings deep peace.

-It helps in reducing headaches due to tension.

-Blue lace is also used to enhance wound healing by many crystal practitioners all over the world.

-It assists in easy relaxation to achieve a meditative state.

-It also offers the powers of love, harmony,  peace, hope, and mental healing.


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