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Third Eye Activation Course

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Third Eye Activation Course

For Foreigner: 500$

For Indian: 35000rs. Limited Offer 15000rs (One Time)

21 Day Workshop with 11 Alternate Days Classes
5 Months Follow Up(Weekly)

You can attend online or offline classes for a lifetime without paying any fees After One Time Fee

What We Do ?

1. Power of Third Eye

2. Meditation & Exercise for the third eye.

3. Very Powerful Brainwaves For Third Eye

4. Powerful Shaktipat शपात.

5. Mind Programming.

6. Daily Lecture About new techniques For Opening Your third Eye

7. 11 Method For Opening Third Eye

8. Daily Lecture For Spiritual Growth

9. Daily Lecture For Your Health , Money & Relationships

10. Daily Energy Transfer And Balancing

11. 15 Minutes Q&A Session

12. We Also Send Recordings Of Live Sessions On Telegram

13. You Can Access Recordings For Lifetime

Course Duration

  • 21 Day Workshop
  • 11 Alternate Days Classes
  • 5 Months Follow Up(Weekly)

Extra Benefit

  • Face Reading
  • Aura Reading And Balancing
  • Chakra Reading And Balancing
  • Vaastu Reading And Balancing
  • Voice Reading
  • Manifestation

Amazing Benefits Of Third Eye

1. Learn Sambhavi healing, balance your Aura and Chakras in just 1 minute.

2 . Any type of VAASTU balance in 1minute.

3 . Any type of KUNDALI DOSH balance in 1minute.

4 . Any type of GRIH DOSH balance in 1minute.

5. Any type of BLACK MAGIC OR TANTRA removes in 1 minute.

6. Any type of NAZAR DOSH removes in 1 minute.

7. Great Intuition Power.

8. Mind Reading (कसी के मन क बात पढ़ पाना).

9. Better Mental Clarity (मानसक तवीर सप दखाई देना).

10. Improved Emotion Control (भावना पर नयंण).

11. Better Memory, Concentration (बेहतर मेमोरी).

12. Better Concentration (बेहतर एकाता).

13. Great help in Meditation (यान बेहतर और गहरा, आयामक उत).

14. Improved Relations (बेहतर रते).

Our Workshop also includes

1. Study material will be shared on WhatsApp

2. Blind Fold Card for practice

3. 1 Crystal for the third eye

4. Third Eye Opening Tilak

5. Havan Samagri for Third Eye.

All the above Gifts will be sent to you by courier services

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