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Pendulum Dowsing Course

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Pendulum Dowsing Course

Course Fee @ Rs 5000

Duration 1 Day Time 5 hours

Class can be Divided into To Parts

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About Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum is an energized object suspended by a string or chain used for obtaining information which we are unable to access at a conscious level. It is a tool used for obtaining information from beyond normal consciousness. It helps to tap into the Higher Self our Sub-conscious mind from where all the answers to our questions are hidden

Pendulum dowsing is an art of divination that can be used for accessing information that is not yet known. As a medium to connect to knowledge, wisdom and insight, you are able to use a pendulum and your physical body

The pendulum can be used in healing, energy balancing, detecting imbalances in energy fields, and finding missing objects among other uses, Helps To Balance your Chakras
The pendulum is a very simple tool and one that lets the user tune in to their intuitive powers. The pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information, and moves in different ways in response to questions.

What Is Pendulum Dowsing Used For?

Pendulum dowsing can be used in a variety of different ways. In its most simple form, you can use it to answer questions or aid in decision making. Pendulums can also be used for:

Healing purposes and identifying allergies

To cleanse and dispel negativity in a room

To help you find lost objects or pets

How To Charge Water

Healings Etc.

Who this course is for ?

Beginners who are curious about pendulum and what it can do

Those who want to use pendulum for energy cleansing and healing

Those seeking understanding about pendulum

Those who believe there is more to pendulum then what they have been practicing.

Those who want to tune in to their intuition

Course Content

What You Will Learn

Learn to initiate and attune your pendulum

Learn Pendulum as a powerful tool of energy channeling

Learn pendulum as an important tool for of connecting to subconscious

How To Detect Negativity with Help of Pendulum

How To Balance your 7 Chakras with help of pendulum

How To Get Yes or No Answer

How To Take Care of Your Pendulum

How To Help other To Solve Their Problems

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