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Oracle Card Reading Course

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Oracle Card Reading Course

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Duration 1 Day Time 3 Hours

Oracle Cards
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About Oracle Card Reading

In this enlightening course you will learn everything you need to know to give yourself, family and friends an Angel Oracle Card reading

YOU will learn to be the Oracle yourself, you will learn to connect your energy with the energy of the oracle cards and you will become a conduit for spiritual guidance, wisdom and knowledge

In this course you will connect with different angels and archangels and you will meet them all individually so that you can make a special heart connection with them More importantly, each angel will connect you with an aspect of Christ consciousness also called Buddha consciousness, to support you in your journey of enlightenment and your growth of your spiritual gifts and talents angels you will learn Many different types of card readings, you will learn an invocation/prayer for each one so that you can connect at any time to the energy of that angel and much much more

We look at a range of symbols commonly found on oracle cards, their meanings, and the cards’ use of colour, numbers and glyphs. In addition, the course lists a number of images used on the cards and their interpretations, and describes the archangels that are commonly found on angel card decks

Before performing a reading, there are certain things you need to do to prepare. You’ll be guided through the process of getting to know your cards, understanding when a reading is appropriate, how to create a magical protection circle, and how to prepare yourself and your cards before performing a reading.

It’s then onto reading techniques – shuffling and drawing cards, spreads to use, how to use a significator and how to interpret reversed cards. You’ll discover how to interpret cards – learning the best ways to frame questions

Course Outline

What you will learn ?

1 Attument with Your Cards

2.Getting to Know Your Cards

3.invoking Angels

4.Cleansing/Clearing and Charging Your Cards

5Preparing Yourself to Read
Performing a Ritual

6Open Readings vs. Question-Based Readings

7 .When and Where is a Reading Appropriate?

8Improve Your Storytelling Skills

9 How To Use Divination Power To Help Your Client , Friend’s , Family Members

10 . Learn To Transform People’s Life With Help of Guardian Angels

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