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Advanced/Professional Tarot Course

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Advanced Tarot Course For Beginners

Price @ Rs 21000

Duration: 40 hrs spread into 20 classes (2 classes every week on weekends/weekdays).

This is designed for people who want to read Tarot Cards Professionally.


  • Ritual for dedication of Tarot Deck
  • Invoking Tarot Guide Attument
  • 3 Dimensional Meanings of all 78 cards including Reversals
  • How Meditating on Tarot helps in Enhancing oneself in Divination.
  • How to choose a Card for Meditation.
  • Tarot Table Settling
  • How to Protect your Energy Chakra Balancing
  • Basic Numerology
  • Story Making
  • Combining Tarot with Numerology
  • How to calculate time frames of events
  • How to answer Yes/No questions thru Tarot
  • How to judge the clients requirement without asking the client
  • How to protect psychically from the negative vibrations of the clients
  • Giving solutions to the client.
  • How to read Oracle cards and how to support your Tarot reading thru them.
  • Use the tarot to rapidly improve your love life
  • Use the tarot to rapidly improve your business, career and finances


  • Course Module
  • Lifetime’ what’s App Group
  • Crystal Bracelet
  • Tarot Deck

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